Quarantine Paintings become Wearable Art

In the highlight of quarantine in 2020 I listened to musicians play live stream on facebook with the message “We are in this together” and I would paint these abstract paintings as I listened to this positive message. It was so moving in the beginning before the storm of political chaos.

I prefer to look back and reflect on the positives during this time. Trust me it wasn’t easy for any of us. I lost my two uncles and one aunt during covid. I also lost a lot of business last year and now things are starting to pick up again.

However over it all I have these paintings to look back on and I wanted nothing more than to share them with others. Who knew I would take these paintings and create wearable art. It’s exciting to see these very paintings take on a new form of expression, one that everyone can celebrate and enjoy.

Paintings created by yours truly — ArtChick TM. Handmade in Montreal.


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