Personal Branding Photography — Going Beyond Headshots

Although many clients will come to me and say “I just need a headshot” , this approach rarely is enough due to social media. We’re constantly overwhelmed with so much marketing and information.. That is why it is even more important to focus on branding and the images you post.

People want to do business with a real person and gather a sense of the story behind you as a person and your business. Personal Brand Photography is a unique way to convey your personality and style. It’s also a cross between lifestyle, retail and commercial photography.

Photos by ArtChick TM

In today’s modern age with all the social media: facebook, linkedIn, twitter, Instagram and so on, it’s critical that we showcase ourselves as we wish the world to see us. People tap into your life through these social media websites and peer into your world.

No one wants to see overly posed photographs that appear too pretentious, but rather natural and artistic photographs. Images say it all. My approach is what I refer to as a lifestyle photo sessions. It’s a natural photojournalist approach that has a modern contemporary feel to it.

If you are running your own business, looking for employment, getting back into the dating scene, this is perfect solution. I offer on location and or in studio sessions. I adore to think outside the box and document my subjects as they are not what I think it should be.

Who Needs Personal Branding Photography? Potential customers for your personal branding photography might include:

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Musicians
  • Authors
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Fitness experts
  • Food bloggers
  • Models
  • Social media influencers and public figures

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