Panorama Restaurant Mural in Old City Philadelphia

A collaboration between two local artist; Anthony DeMelas and Kristine Di Grigoli, fused their styles through photography, digital media tools, and painting to coincide with Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design.

The creative process flows within each layer, from photographs of a painting of Italian Landscapes (previously displayed in the lobby), colored wine bottles, and Architects Dream painting by DeMelas sliced in three. Once the image was photographed and fused within digital media tools it was then printed onto a large canvas. The mix media image was then ready for DeMelas to add the final layers to create an organic and three dimensional feel.

The mural intention was to give the viewer a panoramic look as if they were looking through colored wine bottles onto a contemporary abstract landscape and enhanced the largest Cuvée system in the world.

Check it out for yourself visit: 14 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Photographer / Director … follow me also on IG @ArtChick

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