Fashion Editorial with Beauty Pageant

Considering how crazy the times are right now with so much uncertainty, in contrast, I find it’s best to keep positive and inspire others. In spite of the times, each week I photograph a new model and feature them on my youtube channel ArtChickTV. To illustrate, this weeks video I am featuring a BTS (Behind the Scenes) Fashion Editorial with Beauty Pageant , Andrianna Acosta. In fact this new venture to fight against all the negativity around us, I am discovering ways to adapt and expand my horizons. For example, if it wasn’t for Instagram, i wouldn’t of discovered Andrianna.

Additionally, these sessions allow me to work with different makeup artist, fashion designers, and wardrobe stylist. My favorite part about being a photographer is working with a team of talented people who contribute something new to the equation. “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” — General George S. Patton.

Consequently, I feel my career interest is transforming into more fashion editorial. However, to make a living in this genre of photography , there are several challenges. In order to succeed, you must reach those who can share your vision, believe in you, publish you, hell pay you, duh. Nonetheless, my goal is to use these fashion editorial sessions to expand on my network and following on my Instagram and YouTube Channel. Both of which take a long time to develop.

Fashion Editorial is whimsical, out of the box thinking, and intriguing to the non creative types and inspirational for artist. And yes with the right marketing in place, and million followers later, one could be an influencer and make those creative days to a paid day.

Keep in mind, I grew up in a time with Saturday morning cartoons and no computer as a child. I lived my teenage years and my early twenties without a cellphone glued to me. In fact my first cellphone was given to me around 2000 and it was a flip phone. I have to say I was more present than now; I was free as a matter of fact.

In the end, we have to adapt to the new world of technology and remind one another to have balance. For me its the balance of social media, putting the phone down on silent and going for run in the woods, is my balance. Therefore, I would like to create a series of flashbacks to life before Instagram and Facebook and Smart Phones. Hey if your interested, contact me! Who knows could turn into an advertisement campaign — hell anything is possible right!

Well I hope you like these videos. I figure the age bracket is young and looking for the glamour part of my field and geeking out on the latest technology. So I will do my due diligence to provide the young with informative and entertaining videos. Who knows maybe I will teach online courses and provide workshops in the near future.

Below is this weeks featured video. Make sure to click the like button and to subscribe for more updates. Keep in mind by subscribing you are helping me grow and to feel enthusiastic to keep producing such content. Without your support it will all come to a screeching halt.



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