Fashion + Beauty Photography Venture

What started as an experiment within the past six months, flourished into 14 international fashion publications ranging from France, Germany, Australia, Montreal, and the United States.

Pushing the envelope with colored gels in the broad day light to sculpting light in studio , there’s no stopping what could be next. Fashion photography is an adventure of exploration and expression that delivers wonder and attention like no other. Its addictive and fun to explore this side of photography without the pressure of client demands and the common trends.

I am excited to continue to push the envelop and to introduce an entirely new method of image creation.

Make sure to follow me on instagram (@Kristine_digrigoli) and to bookmark my website for my latest overview collections:

Together let’s think out side the norm and create a stir for your start up fashion line. I am available to work in NYC, LA, and Philadelphia.

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