E-Commerce on White Branding Solutions

Okay so you have a cellphone with a decent camera and a white backdrop…. click click click — post it on your e-com website and you are good to go right? Not so fast…. The white shirt is blending into the background, the details of the product are not clear, and the list continues.

Photographing products and models on white isn’t as easy as it may seem. Not only that but finding models that you can afford is also a challenge. And using yourself and your friends isn’t quite working either.

The images above — no photoshop — models provided by Phillyfaces.com

For more than a decade my primary focus is to be a problem solver and to deliver the best quality results with fast turn around. Let’s face it time is money and you don’t have time to waste. You must have great images to post on your website in order to start selling.

Many of my clients need the images the day of the photo session. I make sure that the lighting is on point, skin tone and garments are color balanced and detailed. I capture all the angles from full length, 3/4 length and macro details (buttons, collar, cuffs etc). This way the client can simply select and upload a series of shots for their customers to view the product from all angles and zoom in as well.

I also have a casting director, James Foytlin from PhillyFaces.com who will work with your budget for local talent. Together James and I will help you find the talent to fit your brand. Once the talent is selected, we will schedule the shooting day in studio and or on location.

I work directly with clients the day of the shoot either in person or virtually. I have clients that are local and other in different parts of the country. Clients often ship their products to me. I prep everything from steaming the garments to paying attention to details as they are on the model on set. I’m very detailed oriented and promise to deliver only the best results!

Contact me and together let’s make your e-commerce a success.

Kristine Di Grigoli
ArtChick LLC
1238 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia PA 19123



Photographer / Director … follow me also on IG @ArtChick

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