Corporate Fashion Editorial BTS

This weeks video the theme is “Boss Lady” — corporate fashion editorial and BTS (Behind The Scenes) Video, featuring designer Victoria Wright and model Gia.

Personally I got tired of seeing woman in business suits with no shirt on underneath. I find the more mysterious a woman is the sexier. Also who doesn’t love classic black and white styled photos to top it. I was thinking Audrey Hepburn the moment I saw Gia on instagram. Her skin is flawless and the camera adores her.

Photo by ArtChick TM

Posing for a themed shoot like this is so much fun. I kept saying things like “We have a deadline and I want to see results by the end of the day” and “You want this job, then show me why I hired you.” Gia tried very hard to keep a straight face, but naturally we all had to burst into laughter.

If you are a photographer reading this, I bet you are wondering what I used to shoot this. If you watch the behind the scenes video you will see two v-flats and for my main light -a beauty dish on a boom. Behind the v-flats there were two background lights with umbrellas. The lighting I use Profoto B10 Plus and Nikon (Yes I use Nikon!) D850 (you got it a DSLR). Very simple yet elegant.

Photographer / Director … follow me also on IG @ArtChick