French Fashion Editorial in Philadelphia

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Photo/Graphics by ArtChick TM

Summer meets Fall — French Fashion Editorial in Philadelphia

I don’t know about you, but I adore Spring, Summer, and the beginning stages of Autumn. There’s something about the changing of colors from nature and those warm to cool days. The theme for this shoot was Summer meets Fall, “French Fashion…

What started as an experiment within the past six months, flourished into 14 international fashion publications ranging from France, Germany, Australia, Montreal, and the United States.

Pushing the envelope with colored gels in the broad day light to sculpting light in studio , there’s no stopping what could be next…

Photo by Kristine Di Grigoli — ArtChick TM

Considering how crazy the times are right now with so much uncertainty, in contrast, I find it’s best to keep positive and inspire others. In spite of the times, each week I photograph a new model and feature them on my youtube channel ArtChickTV. To illustrate, this weeks video I…

This weeks video the theme is “Boss Lady” — corporate fashion editorial and BTS (Behind The Scenes) Video, featuring designer Victoria Wright and model Gia.

Personally I got tired of seeing woman in business suits with no shirt on underneath. I find the more mysterious a woman is the…

Architectural Photography; The Christian Villa in St. Thomas USVI demonstrates our commercial architectural photography service in the US Virgin islands. This particular project was to advertise the rental of “Christian Villa”, owed by Dr. Cora Christian, for vacation rentals, and as an exotic wedding venue.

Photo by ArtChick TM

The Christian Villa three minutes…

View this video to find out ArtChick Business Tips for Photographers . I also provide you with a genuine response to the reality of working for yourself and some things to keep in mind throughout your career.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — This one is a doobie, but really…

Kristine Di Grigoli

Photographer / Director … follow me also on IG @ArtChick

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