In the highlight of quarantine in 2020 I listened to musicians play live stream on facebook with the message “We are in this together” and I would paint these abstract paintings as I listened to this positive message. It was so moving in the beginning before the storm of political chaos.

I prefer to look back and reflect on the positives during this time. Trust me it wasn’t easy for any of us. I lost my two uncles and one aunt during covid. …

What started as an experiment within the past six months, flourished into 14 international fashion publications ranging from France, Germany, Australia, Montreal, and the United States.

Pushing the envelope with colored gels in the broad day light to sculpting light in studio , there’s no stopping what could be next. Fashion photography is an adventure of exploration and expression that delivers wonder and attention like no other. Its addictive and fun to explore this side of photography without the pressure of client demands and the common trends.

I am excited to continue to push the envelop and to introduce an…

Okay so you have a cellphone with a decent camera and a white backdrop…. click click click — post it on your e-com website and you are good to go right? Not so fast…. The white shirt is blending into the background, the details of the product are not clear, and the list continues.

Photographing products and models on white isn’t as easy as it may seem. Not only that but finding models that you can afford is also a challenge. And using yourself and your friends isn’t quite working either.

Photo by Kristine Di Grigoli — ArtChick TM

Considering how crazy the times are right now with so much uncertainty, in contrast, I find it’s best to keep positive and inspire others. In spite of the times, each week I photograph a new model and feature them on my youtube channel ArtChickTV. To illustrate, this weeks video I am featuring a BTS (Behind the Scenes) Fashion Editorial with Beauty Pageant , Andrianna Acosta. In fact this new venture to fight against all the negativity around us, I am discovering ways to adapt and expand my horizons. For example, if it wasn’t for Instagram, i wouldn’t of discovered Andrianna.

I wanted to create this article to help my clients understand different suggestions for backdrops. Of course on white, on black is obvious, but when it comes to environmental or gradated, people have the tendency to feel overwhelmed and confused. So with that said let’s break it all down with some visuals and logic behind each choice.

When planning your headshot it is wise to think about where this headshot will be placed and what the image says subconsciously to the viewer looking at it. If you are a lawyer for example I may suggest a white or gradated background…

This weeks video the theme is “Boss Lady” — corporate fashion editorial and BTS (Behind The Scenes) Video, featuring designer Victoria Wright and model Gia.

Personally I got tired of seeing woman in business suits with no shirt on underneath. I find the more mysterious a woman is the sexier. Also who doesn’t love classic black and white styled photos to top it. I was thinking Audrey Hepburn the moment I saw Gia on instagram. Her skin is flawless and the camera adores her.

Photo by ArtChick TM

Posing for a themed shoot like this is so much fun. I kept saying things…

Architectural Photography; The Christian Villa in St. Thomas USVI demonstrates our commercial architectural photography service in the US Virgin islands. This particular project was to advertise the rental of “Christian Villa”, owed by Dr. Cora Christian, for vacation rentals, and as an exotic wedding venue.

Photo by ArtChick TM

The Christian Villa three minutes from the heart of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, five minutes from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and an exclusive gated estate overlooking the harbor on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. …

A collaboration between two local artist; Anthony DeMelas and Kristine Di Grigoli, fused their styles through photography, digital media tools, and painting to coincide with Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design.

View this video to find out ArtChick Business Tips for Photographers . I also provide you with a genuine response to the reality of working for yourself and some things to keep in mind throughout your career.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — This one is a doobie, but really key to master in order to be found. Just like trends the algorithm changes constantly and you have to play the game and go with the flow.
  2. Networking — People need to meet you in person. Try joining a group or volunteer your time to the community. This is a…

After a year of no vacation, I finally went away for two weeks to Rhodes, Greece. I recently purchased a DJI Mavic Air for my filmmaking. This drone is a great addition to my kit. I’m looking forward to exploring and creating new content with this device.

The DJI Mavic Air can also follow my subjects on the ground and from above. My imagination is flying right now. I have so many ideas brewing and excited to unleash some new creations beyond this one.

Rhodes Greece was a great location to practice flying too. There were many rural areas throughout…

Kristine Di Grigoli

Photographer / Director … follow me also on IG @ArtChick

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